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Dominican native Ariel Jose Sing Gomez, better known as Chino Sing is a refreshing new sound coming out of NYC, a strange blend of Marley, Incubus and new school R&B (in the Weeknd, Bruno Mars style)

When the 26 year old singer started his musical career as a teen experimenting with music, taking part in small music projects and writing his first songs.

He recorded his first album "Inertia"( in the early 2000's and in 2005 he finaly broke into radio in his native Dominican Republic  a series of self recorded singles.

His most recent work is the recording of several singles in NYC with the Reggae-Jazz "El Pueblo" (

At the time of this writing Chino Sing is working on his first full album as a solo artist, thus marking the start of a promining career.

You can download Chino Sing's single "Como Tu" HERE (video for the song at the bottom of the article)




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Thomas Collado

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